A common denominator amongst all successful people is the ability to set goals and maintain focus until those goals are met. As a life coach my aim is to empower you to make, meet, and exceed your personal and professional objectives. I will give you effective tools that will enable you to overcome obstacles and make desired changes in your life. Together we will craft a plan with detailed action steps that will help you to move toward living the life that you long for. 


Coaching takes place through a series of weekly sixty-minute long video conference calls, or in my Pleasanton office.  I will use my skills to listening deeply, make observations, ask you empowering questions, motivate you, and challenge you when necessary. You will receive weekly assignments to help keep you  encouraged and focused on your goals. Coaching packages come with free email access between sessions to address questions or situations that might arise.


I also offer services in the areas of consultation, meeting facilitation and keynote speaking. Click below for more information.



Dr. Kizanis is that rare counselor that possesses both wisdom and heart. My experience under her counsel is that she listens deeply, poses questions to provoke my own reflection and thinking, and also offers sound advice and strategies for action. She supports me not only with counsel, but also with prayer. She truly is the “complete package” if you are seeking wise insight and spiritual guidance.”
— Pam | Dublin, CA

coaching services




  • Safe, non-judgmental space to process. 
  • Practical tools to help restore personal peace.
  • 60 minute session 

1 SESSION  |  $225




  • Identify core issues.
  • Define personal goals.
  • Learn effective tools to help you achieve your goals.

4 SESSIONS  |  Contact for pricing




  • This will be a unique road map crafted specifically for you. You decide your destination, and together we will create the itinerary that can lead you to the life of your dreams.
  • We will work together to clarify goals along with realistic action steps.
  • I will be there working with you through each roadblock, helping you to stay on track.
  • This will encompass your {whole life} to achieve a truly balanced, sustainable lifestyle.

12 SESSIONS  |  Contact for pricing




  • A custom program tailored to get you to your goals.

         6-12 month retainer  |  Contact for pricing

Cindy is person who is trustworthy, nonjudgmental, and one who values people. She is a gifted counselor who seems to know the right question to ask without forcing one to answer in a specific way. Her questions make one ponder and separate the truth from lies. These are just a few of the gifts that make her a counselor I would recommend to my family and close friends.”
— Debbie | South Africa
As a coach and counselor, Dr. Cindy Kizanis is wise, caring, and professional. It doesn’t take long before you realize how trustworthy she is and that her desire is for you to become the woman you were destined to be. She’s an incredible listener and asks purposeful, deep questions. Her questions have been the catalyst to revelation, exposing the core issues that have kept me stuck. Her insight brought freedom in those areas. You might wonder if online counseling can lose some of the personal touch, but Cindy’s warmth and energy makes it feel as if you are sitting in a room face to face with her. Not only have I received healing because of her counsel, but this has led to into a very natural Life Coaching relationship. Dr Kizanis is at times like a mother, a sister, a best friend and a teacher! She is amazing at what she does, and before you know it, you will step in to the destiny you have always known you were created for!”
— Claudia K. | Greenville, NC