"THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A MORE IMPORTANT TIME IN HISTORY FOR WOMEN TO Understand, embrace and  actively contribute their unique and powerful gifts to society.  without apology or entitlement, we need to use our talents in politics, business, education, the sciences and arts, as well as in our homes and faith communities to help shape a healthy, Prosperous and sustainable future." 


We need each other

The world is in dire need of the gifts and wisdom that we carry. We have the potential to literally change the world.  So staying stuck in a place of exhaustion, fear or overwhelm not only deprives us of living a satisfying life, but deprives the rest of the world of the unique contribution that you were born to give. This truth transcends age and culture, it's time for all of the women of the world to arise! But we can’t do it alone. We need courage and tenacity. We need an equal partnership with men. We need each other.




Every person’s journey is complex and diverse.  I would love to tailor a coaching plan that fits your unique situation. Whether that means helping you to let go of limiting beliefs, equipping you with new leadership or communication skills, holding you accountable to achieve your goals, or walking you through your own healing process.  I will help you evaluate your current situation so that together we can create a plan that will take you to the life you desire.





I have a large extended family in which the women are strong, smart, funny, and not afraid to voice their opinions. They laugh loudly, protect others fiercely and don’t find it an oxymoron to be both feminine and powerful. I am equally grateful for all of the men in my family who support and encourage me and show me, both in word and deed, how a real man treats a woman. Never for a minute do I take for granted that I was born into such an amazing tribe of people.

I have been married to my beloved “Greek” for going on 30 years. We have experienced some super high highs, and some pretty crappy lows, (such as the fact that the day I graduated with my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy we hadn’t spoken to each other for 2 weeks… yep, the irony!). We are the poster children for the saying, “The grass is greener where you water it.” We live in a small community in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area with our two great kids and our German Shepherd Max. You can often find us spending time with family and friends in Sonoma, enjoying delicious home cooking, a good Cabernet, and having spontaneous dance parties. 



My dearest friends, “The Sista’s,” have celebrated my successes and also cried with and supported me through my most difficult seasons. They are the friends that I waited half of my life to find. They have proven to me that deep and lasting female friendships are one of the most valuable treasures on earth.



I believe that every single human being was created with intrinsic value, worth, and unique purpose because we were all created as beloved children of God. There is nothing more powerful than to know that every aspect of our being was lovingly designed, and that there is nothing that we could ever do to diminish God’s love for us. There is no place for shame. No place for feeling less than. No room for judging each other. Instead there is absolute freedom to dream big dreams and dare greatly. Being loved so completely and unconditionally has been the most liberating and joy-filled experience of my life.  My faith informs how I value and honor all my fellow human beings, even if we don’t share the same doctrine, opinion, race or any other noun you can think of.  If I don’t act in love, nothing else I do matters. 





  • M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy

  • Doctor of Intercultural Studies with a focus on Women and Leadership

  • Group Facilitator: Corporations, Non-Profits, Board Meetings 

  • Consultant: Assess company culture to improve employee retention and satisfaction

  • Co-Founder of Be.loved

  • Encouraging & Motivational Speaker

Dr. K’s empathetic, encouraging and sincere nature always makes for a safe and positive environment. I always feel like my voice is being heard. She both actively listens and engages in conversation, helping me to identify where I am. She has helped me to create a path toward reaching my personal goals by giving me practical tools to do so. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”
— Elaina | Alameda, CA
What I love the most about Dr. K is her heart. Besides the fact that she is so full of wisdom, discernment, patience and grace, her heart is so full of love. Having the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Cindy is truly priceless because you always walk away encouraged and empowered. She brings to light that which hides in the dark and there is no condemnation but pure love and grace. She challenges you beyond your comfort zone.”
— Razan | San Ramon, CA